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What Can We Help You With?

We offer in-depth free assessment – be it an establishment of Project Management Office, recovery of a stalled program, or coaching and building leadership, and delivery competencies of your team.

We offer paid Strategic Advisory and Coaching sessions, during which we will assess the issues at hand and will help you to address them.

Improve how you deliver your corporate strategy

Establish or improve your PMO

Recover a stalled or struggling program

Optimize your portfolio or perform a program audit

Free Diagnostic Session

Assessment of your PMO, program or project. Identification of gaps and opportunities to fully meet your business or professional objectives.

3-month Strategic Advisory and Coaching Sessions [one hour each week]

We meet online once per week for an hour to diagnose and address your issues, and to determine what needs to happen next.

Our Consulting and Coaching Framework

How do Our Consultations Work?

  • The first step includes a free diagnostic session to determine what are the issues that you would like to address.
  • During this session, we provide an overview of our consulting approach, explore and diagnose issues that you are experiencing, and go over your objectives and goals that you would like to achieve.
  • Following that session, we offer 3-month coaching and consulting package. For the duration of these three months, we will meet for one hour per week for an online consultation.
  • In the beginning, we will establish a plan of activities that you will need to undertake to achieve your objectives.
  • During the coaching session - we will explore the issues that you are facing in achieving your goal and work through them.
  • In between the sessions, you may have questions about what we discussed, or about the homework that needs to be done. We can answer your questions by email.
  • Based on the extensive experience with our past clients, we noticed that this format is the most optimal for clients to achieve and maximize their results.

Take Action!

Start improvingyour business today!

If you have questions, book a free diagnostic session today, and find out how we can help you to transform your business!