Featured: Recruiting and Selection Strategies Course

35 Lessons, 3 hr 45 min

The most advanced recruiting course available globally

Level - Advanced

Postgraduate-level course

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Business and Management Courses

Recruiting and Selection Strategies

35 Lessons

World-Class Strategies to Recruit and Select the Best Talent, and Achieve Competitive Advantage. Over 120 practical techniques across 35+ lessons.


How to Engage and Motivate Your Team

25 Lessons

This course will lift you from being a manager of tasks to being a motivator of people!


PMO Governance Seminar

Practical Strategies to improve PMO

Practical strategies to improve Project Management Office, and achieve better alignment with the corporate strategy.  


Job Hunting and Interviewing Strategies Masterclass

35 Lessons

Practical and proven techniques for job hunting and interviewing – across 35+ lessons.


Our Business and Management Courses Feature

Our Courses Feature

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have 10+ years of practical experience in their field of expertise.

Practical Education

Practical knowledge that you can apply right away!


Relevant Content

Specially tailored content to maximize your learning!


Unique and Highly Effective Insights

Our courses include unique and highly effective insights to maximize your business benefits.


Online Access to Lessons

Online access to lessons that you can experience at your pace.

Certificate Programs

All of the attendees of our courses who have successfully completed them will receive course completion certificates from Canadian Institute of International Business.


What Our Students Say

Great job from someone who seems to have been there, seen it, done it, breathed it, and experienced both the pitfalls and successes!

Marvon Wilkinson

Eugene is a great instructor who is very clear and extremely knowledgeable

Ana Vrana

Great Course thank you Eugen , many of us needed this course long time ago, finally it is here. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and knowledge

Boris Salganik

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