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Key Benefits of our Strategic Planning & Strategy Coaching

Our strategy coaching helps you to identify and leverage the most lucrative market opportunities, while relying on strengths and core competencies of your company. Our Strategy Coaching Program is:

Highly effective

Our Strategy Coaching will help your organization become more effective, more agile, and to improve the agility of your organization. We will also help you to align the strategy with the execution, to ensure that your business benefits are realized.


We perform an extensive audit of your strategic planning, and strategy execution activities, and establish a tailored approach to capitalize on quick wins, and achieve a sustainable planning and execution model for your business. We also focus on helping you to achieve maturity with your processes to even further bridge the gap between the strategy and execution.


With our strategy coaching, you will gain insights and practical techniques to improve your planning, and strategy execution. We will help you along the way to maximize your progress, and ensure that you remain committed to your business improvement.

It’s time to improve

After working with us, our clients achieved better business results in the following areas:


Digital Marketing & Marketing Strategy



Business IMprovement



Business Transformation

Project Management Office

Digital Transformation

Some of Our Past Business Coaching Client Testimonials

Eugen is a highly qualified expert in his niche. He has a unique talent for finding elegant solutions to problems and unveiling them in simple words. Thanks to Eugen, I found a way out of my fairly complicated business situation where, after 30 minutes of consultation, he was able to identify constraints and helped me to start addressing them. I strongly recommend that you turn to Eugen.

He will save you a lot of time, thanks to his sharp eyes and very thorough attention to where the problems are.

Alex Maginer

Eugen is a very excellent consultant on strategic planning in business. He clearly understands where each link should be in the strategic plan of the organization and clearly understands how each link should work and what tasks to perform.

I highly recommend him to those who want to build a scalable business engine in an organization of any size!

Daulet Sav

Eugen Spivak is a real guru in the field of business management and business optimization. At times, he gives more than you expect. He has a wonderful skill – he can look at the situation with a fresh eye, determine exactly where the opportunities for improvement are, and how to enhance the processes.

He has the skill of “growing” companies and providing strategic recommendations for their correct positioning in the market.

Despite working in an uneasy business niche, he is, at the same time, easy to communicate with, and has subtle humor and fantastic energy. Communication with him is calm and comfortable as he gradually reveals truly incredible pointers. Who could help to organize better, plan and improve business processes? That is Eugen. Thank you!

Yurii Ceritan

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