Eugen’s Business Publications

8 Awards

Here are the business publications of Eugen Spivak

PMO Governance: Practical Strategies to Govern Portfolio, Program, and Project Delivery

8-times award-winning book to improve the execution of the corporate strategy. The book includes the lessons learned from more than 100 portfolios, programs, and projects that Eugen managed. The book is intended as a practical and easy to follow guide for the modern business leaders who want to improve the execution of the corporate strategy.

The Business podcast with Eugen Spivak

This podcasts helps with the start of a business, with the business improvement, and with the business growth from the perspective of a business coach. In this podcast, you will find techniques and strategies to increase your business competencies, and business acumen. Using the tips and strategies that we have outlined, you will be able to improve business profits, and achieve more with what you have. This podcast will help you to find a more optimal path towards your business objectives, and business vision!


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