Case Study

Divestiture of Banking Operations in South America


Due to the change in the market demand, and to better align with the strategic objectives and focus, our global banking client decided to divest its banking operations in one of the countries in South America.


During a very tight timeline that was stipulated in the acquisition contract, all of the assets had to be transferred to the buyer.The divestiture impacted banking operations, branches, credit and derivative contracts, credit cards, and many other areas of banking.Also, the whole transaction had to be blessed by the local banking regulator.

Our Solution and Result

After ensuring that the clarity is achieved for what needs to be transferred, we subdivided banking operations by functional and product areas. For each area, we ensured that the agreement was made for what exactly needed to be transferred to the buyer and how.For the business processes that were taking a long time to be transferred, we established clear and mutually acceptable plans, procedures, and support processes.My client and the purchaser jointly staffed such processes.We have also assisted the buyer to obtain the regulatory approval for the acquisition by providing clarity about specific aspects of banking operations and outlining how the established transition plan would minimize any impacts to the customers in their country.

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