Case Study

Recovery of Stalled Regulatory Program for a Public Sector Client


After a privacy breach, our public sector client was mandated by the regulatory order to switch to the electronic delivery of services. Under such a model, the client had to deliver reports about its patients using secured digital communications. Such communications should have been appropriate to transmit highly sensitive personal health information.


A few months after the program efforts began, the program was stuck. Many issues prompted that – stakeholders were not identified and engaged, expectations were not fully articulated. Also, vendors and required project staff were not acquired.The architectural approach to establish secure technology architecture was not defined. Business processes were not established and enhanced. There were quite a few of the other issues as well.

Our Solution and Result

We started with a rapid diagnosis of the issue. We have established an effective governance structure and defined a clear mandate and participation for six working groups and re-engaged stakeholders. We re-started the governance process that was stuck, and as a result – successfully procured solution vendors.After establishing an effective and practical delivery approach and realistic schedule, we orchestrated delivery by the internal staff and consultants of 8 vendors. As a result, the program was successfully recovered and delivered before the regulatory deadline.

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