Case Study

Established PMO for a Global Energy Company


Our client, a global energy company, had a complex landscape of business requirements and expectations, with the exceptional efficiency, agility and fast time to market as some of its key priorities.


Centralized oversight of the delivery function was not in place. New program and project ideas were not consistently elaborated, estimated, and assessed.Activities that were in flight were managed on a case-by-case basis, with the results mostly dependent on the professional capabilities of the individual project manager.Program and portfolio approaches were not leveraged, resulting in some of the missed opportunities in resource and asset optimization.

Our Solution and Result

After establishing PMO and inventorying all of the initiatives, we have consolidated them into the portfolio. We defined governance methodologies and supporting artifacts. We also piloted the changes using a subset of projects to increase adoption and decrease resistance.We reviewed and acted upon the feedback, the changes were rolled out to the rest of the programs and projects.As a result, complex delivery performed by teams in the USA, Canada, and Asia was streamlined, resulting in increased agility and decreased risks and time to market.

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