Case Study

Established Policy Framework for a Public Sector Client


In the effort to modernize its operations, our public sector client rolled out new capabilities in a technology-driven business transformation.


Due to very high business and technology complexity, and the transformative nature of the change – the preferred organizational approach towards the desired target state behavior was not clear.

Across dozens of operating entities, adoption of the change would have been very inconsistent, with drastically different results produced.

Our Solution and Result

To standardize enterprise approach to change transition, change acceptance, and adoption – we formulated a policy framework.

The framework established a tie with the higher-level enterprise policy, and at the policy level – outlined the preferred organizational approach to the change.

Specific aspects of the change and desired behaviors were captured in standards. Established procedures clarified activities of all impacted stakeholders that were needed to sustain the change and maximize its benefits. Guidelines highlighted helpful shortcuts and practical recommendations to ease the stakeholders into accepting the change.

As a result, the policy framework brought the required clarity. The stakeholders welcomed it on both sides of the change.

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