Case Study

Established Service Offering on the North American Market


After a hugely successful pilot at the global development center overseas, there was an increasing demand for the software product and associated professional services on the North American market.


Logistically, the delivery of professional services from the overseas location has proven to be complicated. Some language gaps, insufficient awareness of the specifics of the professional services delivery on the North American market, resource availability, time zone differences, and a few of the other factors were some of the issues that were preventing this global company in meeting its strategic objectives.One of them – was the re-platforming of the service offering to achieve increased agility in the deployment of the product and much faster time to market of the enhancements requested by the company’s customers.

Our Solution and Result

To gather, formalize, and successfully transition the service offering, we have observed R&D activities, practices, and the lifecycle leading to the formalization of the product enhancements.We facilitated a series of workshops that elicited, captured, and streamlined both the core product knowledge and the capabilities to configure it based on the clients’ needs. We also established an agreed-upon roles and responsibilities for the enhanced level 3 support.Our findings and relationships that we built and brought to the North American market helped us to establish staffing levels and onboard new members successfully.The product competency center became a hub for service delivery to the clients in North America.

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