Case Study

Performance Assurance Program For a Public Sector Client


Our public sector client, due to its mandate, experiences a temporary growth to more than 85,000 staff from under a thousand. Our client’s business processes and supporting technology platforms needed to handle more than 870,000 transactions per hour for a specific lifecycle event.


Custom ERP platform that consists of twenty-nine modules and around five million lines of custom code, as well as other applications needed to handle that load. The ERP platform was built around ten years before that event and was deployed onto an aging infrastructure.During that time, the ERP platform could not be relied upon from the performance perspective. The platform was never used for a lifecycle event. Instead, a combination of manual business and technology processes were used.

Our Solution and Result

We started by identifying all of the business processes and scenarios. After performing a series of workshops with diverse stakeholder groups – we identified likely throughput that was needed. Those were translated into performance targets that the business processes and supporting technology platforms had to be able to handle.We have orchestrated recurring testing of specific processes and supporting technology platforms, identified challenges, and facilitated their resolution.As a result, the event with the target audience of around 9 million customers was successful, and none of the performance issues popped up.

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