Case Study

Delivery Portfolio for a Public Sector Client


A public sector client is responsible for the delivery of public service to nearly 10 million members of the public.


At our client, Enterprise Project Management Office was in the early stages of maturity. Estimation and budgeting processes were not solidified, resulting in significant delivery and benefit realization risks.

Due to a lack of transparency, it was not possible to easily see or predict portfolio level spend.

Our Solution and Result

At first, we have established enterprise budgeting and estimation rates based on the aggregate information from the ERP system. We then defined portfolio level budgeting methodology and augmented it with the budgeting guidelines, and implemented the budgeting tool.

We have also created guidelines and insights for more consistent estimation practices and outlined several estimation techniques that were to be used. We ensured that the integrated financial management process was in alignment with the expectations of Finance, and line with the generally accepted accounting principles.
After piloting the budgeting process, we rolled it out across the portfolio.

As a result, more consistent tracking of financials allowed the client to manage the spend better, create more realistic budget forecasts, identify a significant issue with vendor’s invoices, and as the overall – be more responsible fiscally.

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