Case Study

Recovery of Stalled Program for a Global Consulting Company


To enhance their business imperative, our global consulting client set out to roll out Business Process Management platform to its clients and practitioners in 35 countries.


Even though the highly sophisticated global platform was fully deployed across more than 150 servers, its performance was utterly unacceptable.Instead of several seconds, simple operations were taking several minutes.

Our Solution and Result

To recover and re-platform what was built, we facilitated workshops, brainstorming sessions, and several proof of concepts that led to the architectural re-factoring of the solution and its customizations.As a result, due to a large number of changes (such as re-write of customizations, OS and database tuning, CDN caching, RDP-style connections directly to the data center and other measures), the performance of this global platform was brought to the acceptable levels.Due to the exceptional results that we have accomplished in this initiative, our client received the “Partner Innovation Award” from the vendor of the global platform that we have successfully recovered.

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